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Types of Training





Women and LGBTQIA+ people have their place within your company. A diverse and inclusive company brings better performance. 

Léon comes into your buildings in order to deconstruct gender stereotypes through his unique experience as a transgender man.

The medical field is intrinsically linked to transgender trajectories. Nevertheless, violence pierces our paths. Léon talks about his experience in the healthcare environment and gives keys to improving the care of transgender and LGBTQIA+ people.

With a presentation based on interaction with students, Léon tells the story of gender. He explains transidentity and LGBTQIA+ issues by mixing theory and personal experience.

He goes through the different issues that a trans person faces with the teachers. 

Physiotherapists, osteopaths, psychologists... Trans people go there too! Léon explains how to support transgender people. He also talks about his experience as a patient!

Salin Association comes to all types of structures by adapting training to the needs of the institution.



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